Treve Evans joined the secretariat of AIPH in 2018 as Senior International Relations Manager, and is based in the U.K.  Prior to this he has spent over twenty-five years in the Middle East, Africa and Indian sub-continent region, mainly in the logistics sector overseeing country operations and agency networks.

AIPH’ s mission is to the world’s champion for the power of plants. In addition to leading the interests of the global ornamental horticulture industry, with a mandate by an international convention, AIPH is the global approving body for International Horticultural Exhibitions. These are beautiful and spectacular events held in cities around the world. Held over large areas, and lasting up to six months, AIPH approved Expos attract millions of visitors and many international participants, who come and create their pavilions and gardens. 

Recent and forthcoming events include Expo 2019 Beijing (China), Expo 2022 Floriade (Netherlands),  Expo 2023 Doha (Qatar) and Expo 2027 Yokohama (Japan). The eight International Horticultural Exhibitions in the current calendar to 2028 are expected to attract a combined total  of forty-six million visitors. 

In his role with AIPH, Treve oversees Expo, commercial, partnership network and membership development.