Born in Savannah Georgia and raised on a farm, Bob was destined to become a nature and garden lover from an early age. Bob has traveled extensively in Africa and South America to indulge his fascination with plants and most recently to the Galapagos islands. After a history in the restaurant business, Bob sold his famous restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida and moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2004 where he founded the Vallarta Botanical Garden in a 15 acre cattle pasture in 2005 which has now grown to become one of Puerto Vallarta’s and Mexico’s most important tourist attractions.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is a member of the Mexican Association of Botanical Gardens with over 50 member gardens in Mexico. Bob’s main job is a labor of love, tending the plant collections at the Vallarta Botanical Garden and is an environmental activist involved in conservation efforts in the Puerto Vallarta area. Additionally, Bob is also a presenter with the Canadian Garden Tourism Counsel and travels the world promoting garden tourism.