Giuseppe Sigurtà is the CEO and co-owner of the Sigurtà Garden Park, which has been in the Sigurtà family for more than 80 years. The 60 hectare nature park is one of the great garden treasures of Italy.

By six years old he was already working in the ticket office, going on to work in the gardens themselves, as well in the distribution of advertising materials. He steadily extended his tasks and began to deal personally with all aspects of the business. The experience earned him profound knowledge of all the Park’s operations, gaining managerial skills and great insight into strategy, budgeting, and the management of human resources. 

Open to the public for just over 40 years, the Sigurtà Garden Park is one of the most fascinating green spaces to visit due to its woods, green expanses, views and seasonal blooms such as the tulips, roses and water lilies. The Sigurtà Park has a dual soul, with its classical Italian-style design characterised by geometric patterns that circumscribe the space, and the English-landscape garden based on a combination of natural and artificial elements such as caves, ancient trees and small temples, where visitors can view an ordered nature even where it appears entirely spontaneous in character. Each year, from March to November, hundreds of thousands of visitors from many different nationalities are delighted to discover the many beautiful things that history has bestowed on the Park and which have continued to be maintained and developed day after day. 

The love of the Sigurtà family for the Park has enabled it achieve major results and much recognition, winning the Most Beautiful Park in Italy award in 2013, the prize for Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe award for 2015 and World Destination for the Flowering of Tulips in 2019. In the same year, Giuseppe was also made a member of the World Order of the Tulip. In recent years, Giuseppe has worked hard to develop the great Tulipanomania Festival (now in its 15th year), which has grown into a project that now also embraces the towns of Bardolino (winner of the Most Beautiful Flowering Municipality in Italy 2019 award) and Sirmione, with floral displays that bear the Giuseppe Sigurtà signature.